Mejnoon Al-Kabir is elected to the Israeli Knesset.  His name is Mohammad Al Kabir, but his neighbors call him Mejnoon Al-Kabir the great crazy. He believes that the Israeli’s government will end the occupation, there will be a free and independent government in Gaza and The West Bank, and that the Palestinian flag will fly over Jerusalem.  He doesn’t speak, but holds up a sign, “End the Occupation”

When they ask him about the lack of housing, health, politics, the role of women in society, he holds up the sign – End the Occupation. The people in his neighborhood of Tel Aviv decide that they must elect Mejnoon to the Knesset. He has no affiliation with any party, but they elect him to parliament and he appears with a sign, “End the Occupation” and his plastic Knesset ID card

When any action or motion is raised, he holds up his sign, “End the Occupation.” The Israelis think this is a good thing initially as it shows they are a democratic state, but as members of parliament try to talk to him, he only holds up the sign “End the Occupation.” Then the guards bodily pick him up and put him in the hallway. His supporters pick him up and move him back. Then the Israeli Army soldiers strips away his sign. He makes another sign “End the Occupation.”  Finally, the guards and soldiers become so exasperated they place him in a garden where the Israeli flag is flying and he makes another sign “End the Occupation.”  The Israel Army again destroys the sign. He carves “End the Occupation” on his chest with a pocket knife. They then build a wall around him and Mejnoon’s followers knock it down.

He finally leaves Parliament and asks them. “Are you sure you don’t want to end the occupation?”

They laugh, “No, Mejooon.”

He walks out of the Knesset and hundreds of people outside are waiting for him. He rips off his robes and walks naked through the streets of Jerusalem with “End the Occupation” carved on his chest and his identity card from the Knesset.  He stops at the Prime Minister’s house, the Ministry of War, and the Supreme Court.  At each stop he turns around, and bends over showing his buttocks.

He walks along Ben Yehuda street and behind him are hundreds of his naked followers carrying signs “End the Occupation.”