The Jazz Poet

High Wire Performance Artist

of the Spoken Word

An Amazing Blend of Jazz, Word, Story and Improvisation

As an irreverent performance artist, Namaya’s trademark style of political satire and humor addresses diverse current crucial themes.


Experience a sampling of Namaya’s works.

Our Readings, Writings and Recordings

Jazz Stories

Jazz Stories

Benny O'Shea Baby Cool Bell Cool Weird Artifact Whites Only with Jazz Beats

Jazz Ku Recordings

Jazz Ku Recordings

How Far is This Room from Loving Freddy and The Minor Cools Lust and Roy Rodgers Psychosis Nipping Part 1 Koagulation Of Love The Ku Ology of Love Charlie Parker Inside Out Psychosis Nipping Part 2 Murder in the Cathedral of Love Bartleby Jazz In O Positive Murderous...

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