Jazz Beat Blues Poetry Ensemble

Namaya – Jazz Poet Rick Adams Sax.  Jake Walker -Bass

“Namaya high wire poet of the spoken word”

The Jazz Beat Blues and GOD SEX POLITICS is a high energy fusion of jazz, word, blues, and improvisation with stories of: Stagolee, the jazz noir of Benny O’Shea, revelations from the prophet Manfred, the sonic explorations of jazz in a key of ku, in a weaving of jazz, blues and hip hop. The theme of GOD SEX POLITICS – fuses the rap verse of America Uber Alles, the calypso Mango Love, and the haunting homage of Whites Only.

“It is political, at times controversial, but it is fun, a delight and sexy, watching the Namaya and the Jazz Beats weave a spell of enchantment.” Said one recent viewer.

This ensemble, led by the jazz poet Namaya, who has performed on five continents and at venues like Apples and Snakes in London, Café Tetatret in Denmark, and Nuyorican and the Bowery in New York. He will be accompanied by Rick Adams, a saxophonist who has played in NYC and has been a leading musician in the Tampa Bay area for the past twenty years. On double bass, Jake Walker is a stellar bassist who has performed with the foremost musicians in the Tampa Bay Area.

The editor of Jerry’s Jazz Magazine, Joe Maita, said, “Namaya’s work is deeply rooted in the traditions of jazz and word. He honors the culture through his work, which is laced with the rhythm, irony, and creative soul the legendary figures would themselves appreciate.”

The earlier iteration of the Jazz Beat Blues founded by Namaya in 2000, performed on tour throughout the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Asia, and  the Americas. Namaya has performed with luminaries like Bob Dorough, Dave Amram, and Sheila Jordan who appeared in his production of the Beatnik Café: A Musical Revue of the Jazz Beat Generation.

“Namaya held the audience in his hand as he fearlessly created a show of improvisation. It was like watching a magician on stage, but this time with words that would appear and disappear, seamlessly bringing in the audience.” ~Magnet Theater in NYC

“We loved the show; it was a free-wheeling journey of love and play that delighted the audience.” ~The Australian Center for Performing Arts

The Aquarian said, “Namaya is the high-wire performance poet of the spoken word.”

“We loved hearing the band with their marvelous invention of word and jazz.” ~The Apples and Snakes in London

The Jazz Beat Blues in Action

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