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Jazz Ku Recordings

Jazz Ku Recordings

How Far is This Room from Loving Freddy and The Minor Cools Lust and Roy Rodgers Psychosis Nipping Part 1 Koagulation Of Love The Ku Ology of Love Charlie Parker Inside Out Psychosis Nipping Part 2 Murder in the Cathedral of Love Bartleby Jazz In O Positive Murderous...

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Jazz Poetry and Stories

Jazz Ku Writings

Jazz Ku Writings

Read Namaya's avant garde word salad. The Bishop of Tantalus Room PRelude Incubus

War is a Racket Poet/Artist Namaya and USN Veteran as General Smedley Butler. Major General Smedley Butler was the most decorated marine at the time of his death in 1940 who fought in the Spanish-American, Philippine-American and Caribbean Wars as well as...

Beatnik Cafe Sample

Beatnik Cafe Sample Namaya and his band "The Jazz Beat Blues Poetry Ensemble" at Beatnik Cafe.

Mitochondria of Love

It is the pulse of love, pulsing mitochondria of love. Feel the energy! Feel the energy! Love is the power of women reaching out to surround the world. The power of life, love, and transformation. The energy to heal the...

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